Can’t imagine commuting five days a week? We’re coming soon to a town near you.

Workspots wherever you need them

When home is too close and the office is too far, Daybase is here to help you own your workday.

Daybase fully enclosed focus room for individuals who need privacy

The Daylounge

Daybase pantry

Get access to our open spaces for individuals and teams.

  • Open six days a week
  • On-site concierge
  • No reservations needed
  • Open work & community spaces
  • Complimentary coffee & tea
  • Unlimited office supplies
  • Enterprise-grade WiFi
  • Power all of your devices

Bookable Workspots

Daybase workspot custom designed co-working desks
  • Private and semi-private spacesDedicated spaces available for individuals and teams to take calls and meetings.
  • All the comforts of (work from) homeErgonomic desk and chair setup, plus enterprise-grade internet and audio and video technology.

Get 100 credits towards booking your workspot when you sign up for a Daybase membership.

Daybase fully enclosed office for you and a teammate to focus

Open Desk

Find your focus at our open desks with everything you need to feel productive.

  • Open spaces for individuals
  • Video monitor and power at every desk
  • Option to sit or stand
16 credits / hr
Daybase fully enclosed focus room for individuals who need privacy

Focus Room

Find some quiet time or work through a day of calls in our private, bookable rooms.

  • Private rooms for up to two people
  • Video monitor, power, and wireless charging
  • Ergonomic chairs
110 credits / hr
Daybase semi-enclosed open huddle rooms for you and your team

Open Huddle

With open tables and whiteboards, you can chat and collaborate with your small group.

  • Open spaces for up to six people
  • White boards and supplies
  • Movable seats and tables
615 credits / hr
Daybase fully enclosed meeting rooms

Meeting Room

Power through your presentation or host a hybrid meeting, these private rooms make teamwork work.

  • Private rooms for four-to-six people
  • Video monitor, camera, speakers, and microphone
  • Meeting table and chairs
420 credits / hr

Join Daybase

Flexible, on-demand plans and credits that work for you or your team.

Trial Membership

The easiest way to build your ideal weekday.

Try our two-week offer to find how Daybase works for you and then choose the membership that fits.

  • Includes unlimited credits
  • Access to all Daybase locations for two weeks
  • Unlimited access to any DayLounge
$25/ Two Week Trial
Daylounge Membership

The perfect plan to start making remote work for you.

Add Daybase into your weekly routine by meeting colleagues for coffee chats and quick work sessions.

  • Discounts on credits for workspots
  • Unlimited access to any DayLounge
  • Quality workspot in an open setting
  • Access to phone booths
  • Unlimited coffee and team
$50/ month
Daybase Membership

The do-it-all membership for the hybrid worker.

Make Daybase your workspot for focused time away from the office (and home), and host meetings with colleagues or clients.

  • Deeper discounts on credits for bookable spaces
  • Includes all the benefits of a Daybase Regular
  • Includes 100 credits for workspots
$199/ month
Enterprise Membership

The all inclusive membership made for companies that are on the forefront of the hybrid workday.

  • Unlimited access to every DayLounge
  • Unused Credits roll over monthly
  • Engagement data and insights
  • Carbon footprint tracker for every individual
  • Onboarding, support, and ongoing workplace strategy

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